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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 12:38
Spouse's Xmas present showed up today and got me out of bed at eleven. This wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't only got to sleep around four, and only drowsed and coughed until the doorbell rang. Stupid system. (Not that I have a better one in mind, I'm just whinging).

Have given up trying to be energy-saving and eco-conscious and whatnot and put the washing in the dryer. Having wet washing around the house, trying to dry it on radiators and airing racks is just annoying my lungs more.

Remembered to order drugs in plenty of time, I think. They should come before I run out this time. See, I get better at things. Yay, me.

Have gone back to making my bed-throw larger just in case the forecasters get it right this year and I'm going to need the extra warmth in middle of winter. I don't really believe the forecasters, they've never seemed accurate at long forecasts. (Not brilliant at short ones, either).

Have decided not to make the change in the book that may be just cross-contamination of reading material. I can always bear it in mind for the second draft - if such a thing ever comes round.
I found a boxfile of notes and previous versions (original story was set a couple of decades later so there's lots of material there that I've forgotten about) and found some changes I've made to the world-building. I have no idea why I changed the set up in one way, it's a great puzzle as the original setting was more reasonable, I think. Will have to ponder that.

Have just looked round and realised the place is full of amazon boxes. I really must get round to filling up what I need to send xmas and birthday presents in, and then recycle the rest. I'd get an armchair back if nothing else.

Must go and clean the spare room. Baby Grandson is coming for a visit at the weekend. Must have cot ready. Yay, baby.


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