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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 14:06
Did a quick drive-by checkup of Ma in Law. Since she came out of hospital last time the flat has acquired a different air. A person comes in morning and night to help get her up and put her to bed as her arm is still too painful to use. The carer who comes in to do the housework does a lot more now than before and we feel a lot easier about the prospect of food-poisoning etc. The furniture has all been moved around and she was advised to use the chair rather than sit on the sofa. The chair has cups on the legs to raise it and it is an improvement, but she still struggles to get out of it and she does tend still to throw herself back into the chair instead of slowly sitting.

We looked at the price of getting a chair that will rise and fall with her in it. Wow. That's a lot of money. Have started looking for second-hand ones.

She has a bath lift in now and also has a rollator. The hospital originally gave her a three-wheeled one but as a means to stop her falling over it failed. She fell over the thing itself and bruised herself quite badly. Now she has a four-wheeled one which has two trays, brakes, and is more stable. Though she finds the brake a little difficult, she rather likes it, I think. And the proof of the pudding is that she actually uses it, and hasn't fallen since xmas. Though that fall was very worrying, was a Fall with a capital (mini-stroke fall).

Today she was happily sitting in her cupped chair, watching Alibi on the telly. The flat is clean and tidy, she seemed quite happy. She had a bit of trouble following me when I talked to her, but I tend to speak quickly and it could have just been my fault.

The thing is - it bothered me. Not entirely sure why. Certainly, she was fine and happy. But - I realise that she's not a terribly social person, never has been, so being on her own every day isn't as much of a problem as it might be for someone else. But she's not a hermit. She was disappointed to not see her sister this week as her sister and brother in law have this horrible cold that's going round. I just keep thinking of her sitting there, all day, every day, watching and re-watching Alibi or the news and just - what? Being separate from the world. I know that she comes to us at the weekend. And to Baby Bro's one night during the week. And her sister comes up from Shields regularly. And we take her shopping on Fridays, and the Lovely Grandson to play with her when he's here. But still, that's a lot of hours sitting in a chair, watching telly, in too much pain - or just plain scared - to get up and take part in life.


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