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Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 19:28
So the thing that I'm writing is developing into a chihuahua-killer and the shortish-possibly-novella-size other thing is sprouting in different directions. This is going to be interesting (possibly only to me).

In other news: Spouse has new job, still no sign of any money from redundancy (or even pay in lieu of notice) so things are tighter than they have been. New job pays less - is totally ok but all the flexibility, such as we had, in our finances has been lost. The government will eventually pay, or cause to be paid, some of the money owed - but it's capped and he's owed so much more, more than money too, after 33 years.

However, new job is not stressful (so far) which is good because last week the neurologist for my Ma-in-Law instructed she be put on the palliative care list. There is nothing further that can be done. Expecting it though we were (gosh - sounds like yoda, may have been overdosing on SW), it's still a bit of a gut-punch.

With the Spouse back at work I'm back to the usual (last year's usual) daily walking of the dog: two long walks a day to keep him, and me, healthy. As healthy as possible. Fitter. Alive. That's it. It may take a few weeks to embed itself again. At the moment, I'm sleeping a lot between walks. I messed up my medication today so it's been a bit of a washout productivity-wise. Tomorrow I shall manage better.

I've just discovered there's a downloadable Lord of the Rings add-on to Civ VI. I may be some time ...