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diemzone: (Default)
Friday, March 23rd, 2012 12:12
I have a desk. Spouse made it. Many years ago the bro-in-law was given a table top (just the top) which he gave to us. Spouse made it into a table and for some years it was the family dining table. Then we turned one of the bedrooms into a study and Spouse used the top again to make a desk for me. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, I've found sitting up at a desk to be too uncomfortable, at best. Mostly it's just too painful. Given the history of this bit of wood (which I love very much) I don't want to lose the desk but I need another solution.

I've pulled up the Spouse's leather recliner to my desk. It's a bit like an exec desk-chair. It's far more comfortable** than the chairs I usually use - proper office chairs- and I can put the keyboard on my lap and type. I have a mouse on the arm of the chair, as it doesn't need space to move, it's a pretty good solution.

However, I'm a lot further from the screen now and I've increased the size of everything but it's not quite enough. I need to move the monitor closer but I don't want to end up with loads of unusable desk space. (which would happen if I jsut pulled it monitor forward. So I'm hoping to persuade Spouse to move computer and monitor and other stuff all around to see what would work.

He's reluctant, mainly because (I think) what I want seems to go against all he's learned about ergonomics (and he learned a lot, for the stuff he has designed at work). But I don't think they were expected to take deterioration due to arthritis into account in their designs.

I've already typed more words in this new position than I have in weeks (not just because I now have a Smartpen)

I think I'm starting to ramble so it's definitely coffee time.

**This does not mean it is entirely comfortable, just the best I can manage at the moment. It isn't designed for someone of my height and the extra padding for the headrest actually irritates my neck. But it's an improvement still. Maybe it'll encourage me to get up every half an hour or so and go and do something else for a bit.
diemzone: (Default)
Thursday, October 27th, 2011 16:20
Middle Daughter is now late in her pregnancy and the baby is still breech. He's in a kind of 'v' position with his bum firmly plugging his only way out. Tomorrow they are going to try to turn him. If it works, great. If it doesn't they'll deliver him by C-section. So I might have a grandson by tomorrow night. Or not. Think I'd rather have an uncut and relieved daughter but if it happens, then we deal.

In other area: am finding it very difficult to write stuff. No- hang on that's not correct. I've been writing, longhand, and need to to type it up and expand but I cannot find a way to do this comfortably. I've been using Merlin, the netbook, to write with for nearly two years no, but in that two years the pain in my neck and shoulders has become more difficult to deal with. Currently I'm sitting in my chair with Merlin on a lap-table typing this but the position feels wrong now. There's a pain in my left shoulder, and one in my right arm, shoulder and neck, as well as one from my neck up through my head. My back aches too, but I think that's more from anxiety and lack of exercise. It's very hard to copy-type in an armchair, but I'm not sure that sitting at a desk is any better. That was why I got Merlin and took to the armchair. Perhaps I should go back to the main desk and see what happens.
Was talking to the Middle Daughter about books the other day and she told me I ought to have one of those stands/tables things that sits beside the chair and comes over in front of me, taking the weight of a book. It's certainly tempting, and I have some very heavy books. Future ones I can get on the Kindle, but there are still a lot of them on my shelves.

The handyman came for the Ma in Law and put in some new shallow but wide steps to her back door (which is the only one we use). Also put in grab-rails in all the parts of the bathroom she may need. The OTA also sent other aids (like a bath-board) and with the tablets from the doctor which seem to be working, she's a lot more relaxed and settling in very well. The rail for the steps outside is still to come, and there are lots of small jobs to be done (like hanging pictures and sorting out the endless supply of 'stuff' from 40 years in the old house) but it's getting better.

I've done a major re-organisation of the kitchen, the cupboard under the stairs, my wardrobes and so on. I don't know if it's related to anxiety over the fully-cooked grandson, the approach of xmas, general exasperation at hoarding, or a natural consequence of asking the MiL every few minutes, "Do you really NEED this?"

Watched the last Spooks this week. Sniff. Sniff, sob. Poor Harry. Sniff.