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diemzone: (Default)
Monday, November 21st, 2011 12:58
Weather crap. Foggy and chilly. Worst possible state of affairs. Lungs reacting in their usual way, so I'm coughing and wheezing. Not happy. Got woken at godawful oclock by delivery man, thought it was spouse's xmas present but just opened it and it's for the Sister in Law, her prep for xmas as she is in America atm. She's coming over middle Dec. and having all xmas stuff sent here first. Running out of storage places, may have to put them in the loft.

Got Spouse to go up in loft yesterday and bring down all the baby stuff we had from the grand-daughters' early years. Shall sort out later what I need for the newest one. May not get much else done over next few months, cannot resist a baby, after all. May as well admit it and get on with it.

This weekend we put the garden and greenhouse to bed for the winter. It's too cold and damp for me to continue any gardening projects throughout the winter. I realize this makes me a wimp and Not A Proper Gardener but stuff it, I like breathing. When I can.

Shall make fish pie for tea. There, a decision made. Go, me!