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Monday, November 21st, 2011 12:28
Spouse and I went to pick up the Mother in Law on Friday afternoon for the usual shopping trip. We were earlier than usual because Spouse had a little work-related side-trip to make, and besides we wanted to go and spend ages with the baby later.
"I fell again!" MiL brightly remarked as she looked for her shoes. "I was just getting ready this morning, had my bath, had my breakfast and went in to get ready." So she had been 'up' for some time, this wasn't a case of sudden movement after lying in bed. "I was standing in front of the mirror and I just went. I couldn't stop myself and I hit my face on the cabinet." I think she meant the wardrobe. So she was standing still, it wasn't a trip. Couldn't help herself, means unable to reach out, all of which means it sounds like a TIA or mini-stroke. She said she sat for a while 'to calm down' and then was fine. Which also sounds like the mini-strokes. Worrying again.

New grandson is still lovely, and beautiful, and clever, and bright, and cuddly, and loveable and smells nice. Both amazing and good. (Besotted? I?)

Writing. Am wondering if a character I killed off should be allowed to survive. sometimes think she might come in handy later. Is this my hindbrain prompting me or is it my current reading matter contaminating my process? Normally, writing isn't infected by reading but what I'm reading is not really very good imo. I know loads of people love the Wheel of Time series and this is all my own personal opinion. I like Brandon Sanderson's books and because he's finishing off the WoT series, I thought I'd read it and so be able to read the BS finale. Unfortunately, the early books (perhaps they improve) are full of typos, cliches, boring internalised teenager angst and stubborness. Weird descriptions (how can something be both flat and conical?) pull one out of the story, and there are a lot of coincidences 'explained' by the mythology of the Wheel. Apparently the Wheel weaves. As it wills. Haven't worked out how you can weave wit a wheel, or how it can be so deterministic. A lot of fatalism and prophecy-fulfillment which is tiring and yet oddly boring. And so far, all the viewpoint characters have survived everything thrown at them when a few of them really should have been dead by now. (Am three books in).
diemzone: (Default)
Thursday, October 27th, 2011 16:20
Middle Daughter is now late in her pregnancy and the baby is still breech. He's in a kind of 'v' position with his bum firmly plugging his only way out. Tomorrow they are going to try to turn him. If it works, great. If it doesn't they'll deliver him by C-section. So I might have a grandson by tomorrow night. Or not. Think I'd rather have an uncut and relieved daughter but if it happens, then we deal.

In other area: am finding it very difficult to write stuff. No- hang on that's not correct. I've been writing, longhand, and need to to type it up and expand but I cannot find a way to do this comfortably. I've been using Merlin, the netbook, to write with for nearly two years no, but in that two years the pain in my neck and shoulders has become more difficult to deal with. Currently I'm sitting in my chair with Merlin on a lap-table typing this but the position feels wrong now. There's a pain in my left shoulder, and one in my right arm, shoulder and neck, as well as one from my neck up through my head. My back aches too, but I think that's more from anxiety and lack of exercise. It's very hard to copy-type in an armchair, but I'm not sure that sitting at a desk is any better. That was why I got Merlin and took to the armchair. Perhaps I should go back to the main desk and see what happens.
Was talking to the Middle Daughter about books the other day and she told me I ought to have one of those stands/tables things that sits beside the chair and comes over in front of me, taking the weight of a book. It's certainly tempting, and I have some very heavy books. Future ones I can get on the Kindle, but there are still a lot of them on my shelves.

The handyman came for the Ma in Law and put in some new shallow but wide steps to her back door (which is the only one we use). Also put in grab-rails in all the parts of the bathroom she may need. The OTA also sent other aids (like a bath-board) and with the tablets from the doctor which seem to be working, she's a lot more relaxed and settling in very well. The rail for the steps outside is still to come, and there are lots of small jobs to be done (like hanging pictures and sorting out the endless supply of 'stuff' from 40 years in the old house) but it's getting better.

I've done a major re-organisation of the kitchen, the cupboard under the stairs, my wardrobes and so on. I don't know if it's related to anxiety over the fully-cooked grandson, the approach of xmas, general exasperation at hoarding, or a natural consequence of asking the MiL every few minutes, "Do you really NEED this?"

Watched the last Spooks this week. Sniff. Sniff, sob. Poor Harry. Sniff.